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Honda Forza 300 - 2019


5.800 €

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The New Honda Forza 300 was all revised, bringing a new, more sporty and sophisticated look. The new Forza 300 now features electric windshield with 140mm adjustment, HSTC Adjustable Traction Control system, bright new LED headlights and taillights, front and rear ABS brakes for improved braking safety, V-Matic Transmission System, excellent storage capacity under seat, smart key system and with 12kg less weight, has stronger accelerations, higher maximum speed and greater economy, It has a 4-valve engine, 279cc, with a maximum power of 18, 5kW, with 25.1cv and consumption of only 3.2L per 100km. The new Forza 300 is already an absolute success. Come now to Honda Angel Pilot get to know this scooter that is now the Top of Mind 2018 in Europe. Legalization not included.