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Yamaha announces latest WaveRunner line-up for 2017

Yamaha announces latest WaveRunner line-up for 2017

Three exciting new EX Series models - and a legend is re-born with the new race-performance GP1800

EX - EX Sport - EX DeLuxe

The brief was straightforward - blend together all the advanced technology, superior performance and handling, exclusive innovations and sheer reliability for which WaveRunners are renowned the world over, but in a genuinely more affordable 3-seater package than has ever been seen before.

The result, Yamaha´s exciting new EX Series, is a genuine game-changer that is set to introduce a whole new generation of riders and their families to the joy of buying a brand new watercraft - and to open up an exhilarating new world of fun and enjoyment.

Powered by Yamaha´s award-winning TR-1 engine
The EX models are powered by Yamaha´s award-winning TR-1, a 3-cylinder marine engine that despite its punchy torque and impressive power, is 40% smaller, 20 percent lighter, and provides better fuel economy than the previous 4-cylinder Yamaha MR-1 engine. What´s more, its 50L fuel tank is nearly double the capacity of competitive models in this category.

Advanced Throttle Control on the EX DeLuxe - that´s RiDE®.
The EX DeLuxe features Yamaha´s unique and exclusive RiDE® system, with the industry´s first dual handlebar throttle levers that deliver new levels of precision and control, whether you´re moving forwards, in reverse - or just having fun carving some turns.

RiDE is the most intuitive driving experience on the water. Squeeze the right handlebar lever to go forward. Squeeze the left lever for reverse. At speed, the left handlebar lever will also slow you down. Release both right and left levers and the watercraft is in neutral. No shifting. No gears. The only thing to think about is how much fun it is to RiDE*.

The new EX Series - the best has never been this affordable - until now.
*(In fact, it´s good to know that the remarkable, world-leading RiDE® system is now a standard feature on all WaveRunner models, except the EX, EX Sport and SuperJet.)
The legend returns.
Ultra-high-performance fun - the new GP1800

Over many years, Yamaha´s GP models - the GP1200 and GP1300R - forged an unbeatable reputation among serious racers the world over. This magnificent heritage is now exploited and thrillingly re-born in the shape of a brand new high-performance model, the GP 1800.
The answer to any performance enthusiast´s prayer, it´s a great-looking, super-powerful machine with a strong, agile hull and the ability to respond to the rider´s every command precisely and predictably.

Of course, this new model Includes all the very latest technical and electronic innovations, as well as many features that are often unique and exclusive to Yamaha.

Powered by the ultra-performance Yamaha SVHO® marine engine.
Yamaha super-lightweight NanoXcel2™ hull and deck material.
Equipped with Yamaha´s exclusive and award-winning RiDE® system.
Industry-first remote security system with Low-RPM mode™

The GP1800 - a new star is born.

Yamaha FX Series, VX Series and SuperJet
Returning for 2017 is the much-admired FX Series that combines impressive performance levels with ultimate luxury. This is now a 5-model line-up and includes the FX SVHO, FX Cruiser SVHO, FX HO and FX Cruiser HO.

New to the FX line is the FX Cruiser SVHO Limited that comes with additional features, including handy pop-up cleats, a special Cruiser 3-person seat and a ski towing eye for the convenience of water sports enthusiasts.

Completing Yamaha´s 14-model line-up for 2017 are the three fully-featured but valuepacked VX Series models, the race-performance VXR, and the famous Yamaha SuperJet.

The unique and unmistakeable SuperJet, yet another Yamaha legend of the racing world, is exclusively for competition use and is the only stand-up watercraft available in the market today.

Performance race series: GP1800, VXR, SuperJet
FX Series - Luxury: FX Cruiser SVHO limited, FX SVHO Cruiser, FX SVHO, FX Cruiser HO, FX HO
VX Series - Recreation
: VX Cruiser HO, VX Cruiser, VX Deluxe
EX Series - Rec-Lite: EX, EX Sport e EX Deluxe